My stuff isn’t in my inventory! I didn’t get it
There is a redelivery terminal in the store, however some items are not supported (the 10L items)

I bought one of your items but it was a mistake, can I have a refund?
No sorry. Refunds are only given if you’ve bought an item twice.

I accidentally bought your item twice, can I have a refund?
Yes, please send a notecard to SleepingKoala resident with your transaction information as proof. You can get that from the Second Life website.

How to get your transaction details if you bought an item inworld:
1. Log in to your Second Life account 
2. Then, you see a column to the left, with your account name and several options: Home, Account, Events, Shop, Land Manager. You should see a little triangle pointing to the right, after the Account option. When you click this, you see more options expand.
3. Click on the L$ Transaction History option.
4. Find the transaction showing your purchase from the store.
5. Copy and paste it into a notecard.

If you bought an item from the Marketplace:
1. Log in to your Marketplace
. Click ‘My Marketplace’ at the top of the page

3. Click ‘My Account’ then Order History 
4. Find the transaction showing your purchase
5. Copy and paste it into a notecard

I bought your clothing appliers but they don’t work!
Please make sure that you have the relevant bodies/body parts first. If you’re having issues with your Omega appliers, please make sure you have the correct relay system for your body, which you can purchase from Omega Systems on Marketplace or inworld.
You need to wear the relay HUD when you use any Omega appliers. 

I found a problem with one of your products – it’s not working, the textures are borked, perms are set to transfer etc.
Please fill the the Customer Support form.

What bodies/ body parts do you support?
I only provide Omega appliers for my clothing because most bodies/ mesh parts are supported by the applier. My appliers also support Apple May’s Baby Bump.
A full list of supported meshes can be found on the Omega website Supported Meshes
If you are having problems with your appliers, please read the questions above. 

I’m a blogger, can I blog your items?
Applications open every 6 months, to give new bloggers a chance. Keep an eye out for the announcement on this website. The next time applications open will be at the end of May. 

Where is your store? 

I own a mall/ sim, would you like to rent there?
I’m not looking for a satellite location at the moment but thank you for asking. 

I’m an event/hunt organiser, would you like to take part?
Possibly, send me the details and I’ll consider it. 

How do I send a gift?
You can send via the Marketplace or from the vendors inworld.

Do you have gift cards?
Not at the moment but possibly in the future. 

Do you give store credit?
Yes, you earn store credit when you spend lindens in store. You can check your credit amount using the terminal in the store. To spend the credit, click the vendor and select ‘Use Credit’.

I have a question that hasn’t been answered here. Who do I contact?
Please contact SleepingKoala Resident inworld via a detailed IM.