Cwtch @ Vintage Fair

Vintage Fair 2017 is now open! Each participating merchant has (at least) 1 exclusive item at the fair (exclusive meaning a new item only available at the fair until the event ends)

I have made a 70’s inspired room for photographers. It’s original mesh and the walls & ceiling textures are both made by me.

Item details:
mod & copy


I also have two other items, both of which are brand new items at the event:


Cwtch. Vintage Show Posters gacha – all commons and there are 7 to collect. If you hate gachas, these posters can also be bought as a full set with mod & copy perms.

Item details:
7 item gacha
All commons
1LI each
Transfer only (gacha version)
L$30 per pull
Can also be bought as a full set for L$150

vintage postcards

Cwtch. Vintage Postcards 
mod & copy

Important Links
Teleport to Cwtch @ Vintage Fair
Teleport to demo area @ Vintage Fair
Vintage Fair Shopping Guide


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