Cwtch is closing


I’ve been debating whether or not to close my store for a few months. I was hesitant to close because I felt like I was giving up (again) but I’ve realised that it’s not because I’m giving up, but because my interest in Second Life has gone.

It’s been over 10 years since I joined Second Life and I’ve owned stores for 9 of those years (under various names – Made by Evie, Evie, Koala, Sleeping Koala and Cwtch).

It’s also because of my kids, I want to watch them grow up, rather than sitting in front of a screen.

You’re probably wondering about a sale, right? Well since I’ve just had a month long sale, there won’t be a closing sale.

Cwtch will be closing on January 5th when my rent runs out. Items will still be for sale on Marketplace. If you’d like to visit the store before it vanishes, take this Slurl

Cwtch Gift Cards

Gift cards are now available to buy at the Cwtch mainstore! Values range from 200L – 2000L. We also have a top up vendor, just wear your gift card and pay the vendor. The gift card will update itself automatically with the new balance. 

Cwtch Gift Cards!

Lost & Found

Cwtch is taking part in the next round of Lost & Found for the first time! The event opens tomorrow (22nd July) and runs until 19th August.

Cwtch. Jumble Sale Collection for Lost & Found

For the event I’ve made a random collection of items, all of which are super cheap and can be bought individually or as a full set. 

Cwtch. Spray Painted Old Table – 1LI (texture change)
Cwtch. Recycled Window Frame 1LI (texture change)
Cwtch. Spray Painted Old Chair 1 2LI (texture change)
Cwtch. Spray Painted Old Chair 2 2LI (texture change)
Cwtch. Vintage Perfume Posters 2LI (texture change frame)
Cwtch. Vintage Drawers 1LI
Cwtch. Recycled Jewellery Holder 4LI
Cwtch. Retro Travel Framed Posters 1LI each (texture change frame)

Lost & Found on Flickr 

Hunts and The Home Show!

Let’s Go Glamping Hunt

This hunt started on July 1st and my prize for you is a glamping relaxation set which includes curtains, rugs & cushions in a luxurious pink, black and gold print. Hunt prizes are 1L each and you’re looking for a little tent. 

Teleport to Cwtch
glamping promo poster

Four Seasons Hunt
The Four Seasons Hunt starts today and for it I made 4 vintage flower posters. Hunt gifts are 1L each and you need to find a strawberry. 

Hunt website
Hunt Flickr group

flower posters ad

The Home Show
Teleport to Cwtch @ The Home Show

Flamingo overload for the Home Show which also starts on July 8th at noon SLT.
The Nursery Sets and Flamingo prints are my exclusives for the event (exclusive meaning only sold at the event until the event ends)

Set info:

Can be bought as a full set or individually.

Cwtch. Nursery Curtains (Flamingo) 3LI
Cwtch. Nursery Cot (Flamingo) 5LI & 5 colour options
Cwtch. Nursery Ceiling Light (Flamingo) 2LI with on/off switch
Cwtch. Nursery Cushions (Flamingo) 1LI
Cwtch. Nursery Rug (Flamingo) 1LI

There are demos rezzed at the event.

Beautiful flamingo drawings created by the talented Maylee Oh (The Secret Store). You can buy them too in her Creative Market store! <a

Flickr group

flamingo frames 1flamingo frames 2nursery set

nursery set oceanocean quote printswatercolour ocean printsunicorn printsplant prints

Cwtch @ Vintage Fair

Vintage Fair 2017 is now open! Each participating merchant has (at least) 1 exclusive item at the fair (exclusive meaning a new item only available at the fair until the event ends)

I have made a 70’s inspired room for photographers. It’s original mesh and the walls & ceiling textures are both made by me.

Item details:
mod & copy


I also have two other items, both of which are brand new items at the event:


Cwtch. Vintage Show Posters gacha – all commons and there are 7 to collect. If you hate gachas, these posters can also be bought as a full set with mod & copy perms.

Item details:
7 item gacha
All commons
1LI each
Transfer only (gacha version)
L$30 per pull
Can also be bought as a full set for L$150

vintage postcards

Cwtch. Vintage Postcards 
mod & copy

Important Links
Teleport to Cwtch @ Vintage Fair
Teleport to demo area @ Vintage Fair
Vintage Fair Shopping Guide